Photo Shoot Guidelines

I have numerous ideas that will make you look your best. However, if there are images you have seen elsewhere that you would like to recreate, I encourage you to bring samples with you. We can use them to help create something unique to you.


Clothing should always match the mood of the picture. Your clothes should not take attention away from your face. Bring at least 4 - 6 different outfits which you feel comfortable in. It is better to bring too many clothes than too few. I can always help you choose.

Suggested outfits: All white, all black, jeans, sweaters, dresses, shorts, hats, scarves. Use the following guidelines:

• Solid or mostly solid colors. Avoid green and yellow clothes because they tend to be unflattering for most people’s skin tones.
• Make sure the clothes fit properly.
• Avoid overly trendy outfits.
• Make sure the shoes match the outfit.
• High heels make the legs look better.
• Long sleeves are a better option for women with larger arms.

If you are going to wear a dress, you should wear high heels. Pantyhose should also be worn unless your legs are tan.

It is best to wear loose fitting clothing to the photo shoot. When you change outfits you want to avoid lines on your skin.

Wear clear un-scented deodorant to protect your clothes and prevent flaking.

Make up:

Bring your make up with you. You may need to occasionally touch up your make up during the photo shoot. A matte complexion is generally best for your skin. Your lipstick should add enough color to your lips to set them off from the rest of your face. For black and white photography make up should be applied a little darker than usual.

Men: It is best to shave before the session.


Manicure your nails. Generally, short and neutral (nude polish or a French manicure) is best. If you are doing full length shots, remember to do your toes.


If you color your hair, touch it up if necessary. Generally, you should not experiment with new hairdos for your session. Bring a hair brush and accessories with you.


Keep it simple. If in doubt, leave it out. Stay away from big earrings, rings, and bracelets. They can distract attention from you.


Bring props (scarves, hats, book, musical instrument, sporting equipment, etc.) that complement the type of photo you want. The props should have meaning to you or say something about your personality.


Blemishes will be retouched, at no extra charge, to make your skin look great. Digital removal of braces, tan lines, tattoos, etc. is available for an additional fee. Body sculpting (thinning of arms, legs, etc.) is also available at an additional fee.

Relax and have fun!